Winter in the Vale

Current Status
Well of demons, huh? Why are we here again?

The heroes finally entered the Well of Demons. They are still in search of the two missing slaves, the wife and daughter of Wesley Gibson, a landowner in the nearby hamlet of Hilltop. Fellan had tracked the slaves to the well and the group entered. Previously they had dispensed with some form of security—a ghoul, two chokers and a strange beast called a phalangar; as well as a guard area choked with hyenas and gnolls.

Begin log of last session:

A dire boar was rescued from some hyenas and gnolls; it appears to be the property of some other person, perhaps back at Seven-Pillared Hall.

The characters snuck into a hallway and encountered two tieflings, Azkelak and Kieran, who were brokering for the wealth of the Well. The heroes interrogated the duo and were interrupted by a gnoll mystic who summoned a large ape-demon fiend. The heroes slew gnoll and demon easily, the tieflings attempting to aid them. The tieflings asked to join the group in exploring, each taking a fair trade of the wealth.

Moments later, the group entered the Well of Demons proper, a hallway doused in blood. Several apparitions appeared before the group and engaged in a healthy dialogue. The ghosts were those of former spelunkers, slain by the magnificent beast that plays host to the Well of Demons. Many insights were revealed by these ghosts, sensing that the heroes were not evil in nature. Afterwards they blessed the group for good luck and dissipated. The group learned that four artifacts (of which the tome acquired earlier is one) must be simultaneously dropped on separate magic circles to unlock the gate to the inner chamber. The artifacts cannot be removed from the Well of Demons.

After this turn of events, the tieflings decided to leave and thanked the group before leaving the chamber.

The heroes mapped out the main area of the Well and drew several conclusions, before opening the door to the south. In this chamber, the group found several pillars writhing with human forms. The group had just started to enter this chamber in search of one of the artifacts when the session had ended.

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