Douven Stahl

The Sheriff of Fallcrest, mentor to the original members of the Fallcrest heroes.


Appears as a robust, healthy man of about 55. He has wiry gold and silver hair that is kept short and neatly pinned back, his wide face framed by a bristled beard of gray kept neatly trimmed in a rather gentlemanly manner. Has blue eyes that shine with age and wisdom.

He typically dresses in rather plain but well-made trousers, vest and undershirt; wearing the splint mail armor of his station over his garb. He rarely wears his helmet or cloak, only on ceremonial occasions.

His manner is rather professional and abrupt when dealing with matters of his work as a sheriff. This changes when dealing with officers, soldiers and other people outside his work where he is respectful, courteous and patient. In the private company of his friends and allies, he is open and sharing of his state of mind, often prone to allusions in lieu of direct admission of his concerns.

He is extremely loyal within the extent of the law, providing shelter and food to his ‘family’, and fighting for them when necessary.

Trained the heroes as deputies from a young age. His association with each of the protagonists is unique to each individual, not every hero was brought into the deputy program for the same reasons.

He is the sheriff of Fallcrest, and a retired treasure hunter.

Was rescued by the heroes during their initial forays into forests surrounding Winterhaven during the occupation of the Keep on the Shadowfell by Kalarel.

Douven Stahl

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